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Occupational Therapy

Sensory Concerns

Seems overly sensitive to touch, sound, or sudden movements

Shows unusual avoidance of activities such as brushing teeth, combing hair

Does not enjoy playground/ gross motor play or messy activities


Motor Concerns

Lags in motor milestones other children the same age have acquired

Fatigues quickly/less endurance than expected for a child this age

Poor fine motor control (e.g., grasping/manipulating small objects, holding pencil, using scissors)

Difficulty forming and/or spacing letters

Constantly moving

Favors one hand or side of the body

Behavioral Concerns

Easily distracted, short attention span

Restless, Fidgety

Self-Help Concerns

Slow development of self-help skills (e.g., feeding, toileting, dressing)

Difficulty putting on clothing, manipulating fasteners, tying shoes

Feeding difficulties (e.g., “picky eater,” problems with chewing, spilling, using a cup or utensils), drooling