Social Groups

Pragmatic/Social Language Concerns

Does your child have difficulty

Interacting with other children

Using good eye-contact

Respecting others’ personal space; staying far enough away from others

Joining in family conversations and sharing opinions

Avoiding interrupting or gets off-topic during conversations

Asking appropriate questions to get help or information

Responding to comments or questions without a significant delay

Using good problem solving and planning skills

Making and maintaining friendships with peers

Using discretion in sharing information; respecting confidentiality

Taking turns


Following class rules

Giving and following directions easily

Feeling comfortable making phone calls to strangers

Knowing what emotions to feel and sharing feelings with others

Sharing their ideas and opinions about things easily

Joining in groups easily

Call 713.839.8255 to inquire about our social group!

Therapy Connections offers social groups focusing on pragmatic skills and social language. Ask for a consultation with our social group leaders to determine the appropriate group for your child. Groups are offered year-round. Group sessions are for fifty minutes. Group sizes range from 4-6 children per group.

Social Friends, a Social Skill-Building Class for your child, will be offered soon. The classes are broken into age groups 3-5 years old and 6-10 years old.