Speech-Language Therapy

Language Concerns

Lags in developmental milestones. Does not appear to understand you, and/or has difficulty following directions

Difficulty expressing wants and needs, may seem frustrated during communication. Struggles to retell a recent event and/or favorite story

Limited vocabulary, trouble finding exact labels, says “thing” often

Articulation Concerns

Lags in developmental milestones

Speech is difficult to understand or distracting to the listener

Fluency Concerns

Repeats words or sounds more than other children of the same age

Seems to struggle to “get the words out”

Persists over 2 months

Occurs in many situations, not only when excited or nervous

Pragmatic/Social Language Concerns

Avoids or has difficulty interacting with other children of the same age

Poor eye-contact and/or attention

Cognitive Language Concerns

Expresses difficulty finding words that he or she knows

Difficulty with short or long term memory

Poor organization strategies for problem solving

Our therapists are certified in the following:


Bilingual & ESL

Compton P-ESL (Accent Modification)

FastForWord® Programs